About 1st Tech Web Design Company

1st Tech can take the daunting task of developing and maintaining a web site off of your shoulders, allowing you to focus your resources on the operation of your business. We offer a complete line of services to ensure that you get established on the World Wide Web with a professional site quickly and without any hassles.

1st Tech has a flat rate of $50.00/HR. for all services rendered including original graphics and animations, Java and cgi scripting, and even a search engine to help visitors easily locate any page on your site.

Web Site Housing:

  • Domain name service - www.yourcompany.com
  • High performance servers - Super fast T3 connections
  • FTP capabilities - Downloading files from your web site
  • E-Mail Services - sales@yourcompany.com
    • Forwarding e-mail to as many other e-mails as you like
    • Auto-Reply an instant message to your e-mails
    • Fill out forms sent to your e-mail
  • Secured credit card transactions - encryption
  • Detailed activity tracking reports - daily in e-mail
  • Password Protection


  • Advanced HTML - latest extensions - frames, etc.
  • cgi scripting
    • Search engine - for your site - your own little Yahoo!
    • Forms - get targeted information from your visitors
    • Counters
    • Random URL generator - advertising banners to generate income
  • Java applets
  • Java scripting


  • Original logos, menu bars, image maps, buttons and more
  • Attractive animations made to your specifications
  • top quality Scanning of pictures and text
  • All graphics are optimized for fast loading


  • Registration of your site in the main search engines
  • Web Site promotion program - on all printed materials


  • Seminars and Classes
  • HTML, graphic and FTP training - developing in-house Web Masters

    Our team blends art and technology to help you establish a web site that takes full advantage of the world wide webs capabilities. From conceptualization to realization we provide a full array of services that provide the answers to all of your web site needs.

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