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1st Tech understands that every business is unique and that every client has different goals. All web sites should likewise be one of a kind creations with the layouts and graphics designed specifically for that organizations requirements.

We offer four web site packages that can be modified to meet your companies needs and will give you some idea of our reasonable pricing structure. Of course a customized web site is always available.

Package One
Business Card: U.S. $199.00

Package two
Store Front: U.S. $399.00

Package Three
Small Business: U.S. $499.00

Package Four
Large Business: U.S. $899.00

If you have web site design needs that do not fit into one of our packages, please complete our Cost Estimate Form, or e-mail your request to sales@1st-tech.com and we will provide you with a bid to meet your needs.

  • Web Site Housing - Complete web housing services with super fast internet connections.
  • Get a Price Quote - Complete our cost estimate form and get a price quote within 2 working days.

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